7 Dec 2020

95% response rate is possible

By |2023-02-08T04:05:56+00:00December 7, 2020|Thought Leadership|

We always get a lot of questions about when and how to send surveys (i.e., survey timing post-discharge, email vs SMS), which questions to use (i.e., general, or condition-specific validated question sets) and what they should look like to be mobile and patient-friendly. But above all else, the questions we seem to get the most are always: “What ...

1 Dec 2020

How Advanced PROMs Technology Transforms Healthcare Funding: Unleashing the Power of Value-Based Models

By |2024-01-05T10:55:33+00:00December 1, 2020|Patient Outcomes|

Due to the plethora of evidence of the value of transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based funding mechanisms in healthcare, funders/payers are increasingly looking to mechanisms providers are paid based on patient health outcomes. Effectively, this means that rewards are given for helping patients improve their health, reducing readmission rates, adhering to medicine and feeling like the result of ...

13 Nov 2020

How do PREMs and PROMs work together?

By |2024-01-08T16:37:38+00:00November 13, 2020|Patient-Reported Measures|

Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) and Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are terms that are easily used and sound the same. However, even though they are complementary, they are also very different, especially when we consider what they measure and can achieve when used effectively. In this article we look at how PREMs and PROMs can work together. Patient-Centred Care ...

13 Oct 2020

The Benefits of ePROs in an Orthopaedic Setting

By |2024-01-05T14:06:45+00:00October 13, 2020|Patient Outcomes|

Health organisations worldwide are recognising the value of incorporating Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs), or Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), into their clinical healthcare practices. In particular, orthopaedic clinics are prime candidates for PRO-enhanced care as much of the success of orthopaedic procedures relies on the patient's commitment to follow their recovery programme. However, many clinicians object to the use of ...

25 Sep 2020

Nexus partners with Cemplicity to digitally transform their patient experiences programme

By |2023-02-08T21:18:48+00:00September 25, 2020|Company News|

Nexus is a specialised operator of day only and short stay private hospitals with 15 world-class facilities located across Australia. Their vision is to influence positive change in the private healthcare system, measuring their success through better patient outcomes and improved patient experiences. Nexus have partnered with Cemplicity to enhance the way they capture and manage patient experiences ...

15 Sep 2020

Gender and Ethnicity

By |2023-03-13T03:39:52+00:00September 15, 2020|Thought Leadership|

So, I recently had one of my worst fears realised: someone called a survey of mine racist. Now for any survey creator or anyone whose work is shared publicly, in terms of social crimes, when you're criticised of offending or excluding members of society, it doesn't get much worse than that. For some, asking others about demographic information ...

7 Sep 2020

Making PROMs easy for clinicians, and your patients

By |2024-01-05T14:13:30+00:00September 7, 2020|Patient Outcomes|

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are becoming increasingly popular for payers and regulators to assess the value of services being delivered. This can create tension, if the clinical community feels they are being forced down a particular road that is not conducive to better decision making or that cuts across the relationship between doctor and patient. It doesn’t have ...

30 Aug 2020

Virtue Integrated Elder Care partners with Cemplicity

By |2023-02-08T21:50:09+00:00August 30, 2020|Company News|

Virtue is one of the most fascinating companies Cemplicity has recently started working with. Based in Dublin, Ireland, they currently manage four care homes for the elderly, but it’s their strategic direction that we find exciting and that we are keen to support. Virtue recognises that most people like to stay in their own homes for as long ...

24 Aug 2020

PaaS? SaaS? What’s the difference?

By |2023-02-08T21:58:49+00:00August 24, 2020|IT Leadership|

Here at Cemplicity we run a SaaS platform. But every now and then we're asked about PaaS. So what's the difference? What we consider 'the cloud' these days can be broken into several layers. At the bottom level, there's the Infrastructure. This includes virtual machines, networks, servers, storage units, and even the physical data centres themselves. One layer ...

18 Aug 2020

How can tracking symptoms and outcomes better support people living with long-term conditions?

By |2023-02-08T22:07:44+00:00August 18, 2020|Thought Leadership|

Today, many of us either know of someone living with a long-term condition or are dealing with one ourselves. Medical advancement and healthier lifestyles enable us to live longer with conditions ranging from arthritis and type-2 diabetes to cancer, which is no longer the death sentence it once was. While this is an achievement, it's also placing more ...