The ultimate measure of success

Cemplicity strives to place patients at the centre of health service planning and delivery. Our job is to make the patients’ view of their own needs and health state simple and clear. We do this by combining our powerful technology and the best international thinking in clinical and patient reported outcome measures.


Two sources of truth

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

Cemplicity’s role is to enable patients to report their health state before, during and after treatment or throughout their life living with their condition.

When changes in health states are reported across providers and services and by demographic group, the insights can help target resource and attention on both stand out successes (what shall we emulate and reward?) and areas for fast action and improvement.

Cemplicity does not design surveys but our clients look to some of the world leaders to choose the validated survey tools most appropriate for their health setting.

Our job is to deliver the surveys to reach all patients and to bring back the insight so the patient’s perspective is brought alive and improvements happen.

Clinical Outcome Measures

Alongside patient-reported measures of health outcomes are the more commonly used clinical indicators.

Together and presented at-scale across a country, sector, service or provider, they form a powerful and objective view of people’s health and system quality.

The Cemplicity system is evolving to be able to match clinical measures and patient reported measures into a secure patient outcome library for use by clinicians in consultations and for strategic analysis and reporting by leading health sector consultants.

PROMs are strong, powerful indicators of service quality on their own, but if you wish to register your interest in our clinical and patient reported outcomes library, please contact us.

A Story

Growing attention on the value of patient reported outcomes

This at-scale PROMs survey across a number of surgical procedures, using the EuroQol EQ-5D-5L Quality of Life survey, provides a powerful new perspective of service quality. With changes in patients’ health reported by surgeon and facilities we will be well placed to draw attention to consistently excellent outcomes and opportunities for improvement.

Policy makers and health sector funders are increasingly shifting attention to outcomes-based measurement with the target of funding successful outcomes rather than simply ‘services delivered’.

In more advanced health systems, money has already been allocated for outcome based payments. Mechanisms such as patient experience and patient-reported outcome measures are being adopted as one of the bases for payments.

Increasingly, we see Cemplicity’s ability to implement large scale programmes with wide and timely reach across patient populations as key to enabling outcomes-based funding. A large volume of feedback from representative populations is absolutely key to robust measurement that people will trust and support as the basis for payments.

Cemplicity Reporting

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