Clear evidence exists that patients who rate their experience of health services as excellent will achieve better clinical outcomes. How do you achieve an excellent experience for each patient, every time?

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Many of our clients come to us when they are already achieving strong ratings on their experience, satisfaction and Friends and Family Test ratings. However, good leaders know they can always do better. They want an approach to gathering patient feedback that clearly informs them of their strengths and highlights areas in which they can improve on a timely and continuous basis.

Our clients also want to remove the administrative burden of surveying patients from their staff so that teams have more time to work on improvement initiatives.

Working with Cemplicity, we re-imagine how patient experience programmes work. This includes aiming to reach all patients, expanding the questions we ask to cover the key drivers of an excellent patient experience for different health settings, moving to real-time systems, delivering feedback straight through to the right front-line staff and making it easy for staff to take action through seamless workflow and escalation tools.

Simple Survey

From simple to transformational

Cemplicity has designed and run real-time feedback programmes across whole countries and health systems. We understand the hurdles, patient privacy rights, stakeholder needs, complex methodologies, research modes and response rates and more. If you are implementing a simple programme across a small hospital or health service, we can make this seamless and successful. If you are designing a programme to shift a whole health system into the 22nd century, talk to us early and we’ll help you achieve a world-class result.

The starting point for your new patient experience programme is being clear on its purpose. Once this is clear we can recommend a range of well-validated surveys for your health service setting. We may also recommend some small additions to these surveys – the things we’ve learned make the different between a good feedback approach and a great one.

Love of technology

For the love of technology

At our heart, we are a technology company. The use of technology to solve health sector issues is what gets us out of bed each morning. How can a real-time patient feedback system improve the coordination of care? How can it create more equitable access? When something goes awry, how can we make sure no other patients are affected?

Our technology has been designed specifically for health settings and shaped by patient experience leaders around the world. By choosing Cemplicity you can be confident that you’ll have access to the best patient experience software available in the world. What’s more, by spending more than 60% of our revenue on R&D, we ensure our clients are future-proofed through their years working with us.


“We’re able to show our funders that we’re doing a great job, and the funders can use our information in their own KPIs.  So, we’re providing them with data that has been independently collected, that demonstrates our value to funders, that allows them to demonstrate their value to their management.”



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