Embedding their goal to be consumer-centric, Mercy Radiology have partnered with Cemplicity to capture the experience of patients who undergo a diagnostic scan at any Mercy facility in real time. Using questions developed by our partner, Point Research, patients will be asked what mattered most to them, how their experience was in relation to these areas and what Mercy did well or where they could improve in these areas.

Survey responses from patients will remain anonymous unless a patient chooses to identify themselves when asked if they would like to be contacted by Mercy Radiology to discuss their feedback. Feedback will be used to inform quality improvement initiatives as staff throughout Mercy Radiology will have access to patient feedback. Staff will be able to understand the experiences of patients seen in their facilities using their tailored Cemplicity reporting and action portal.

Dr Lloyd McCann, Mercy Radiology’s Chief Executive Officer, comments “We’re excited to be working with Cemplicity on this initiative to enhance the voice of the consumer through our organisation. We’re focusing on both experience and outcomes, so look forward to rolling both elements of the programme out to all of our patients”.

Mercy Radiology has been providing leading diagnostic imaging services for over 30 years with 11 facilities across Auckland, New Zealand. Mercy Radiology has pioneered many important advancements in radiology, including being the first practice to install an MRI scanner, to offer 3T wide bore imaging and to offer private mammography services.