Cemplicity has partnered with Counties Manukau Health to launch a COVID Screening Tool that remotely screens patients using the regionally agreed COVID screening questions prior to their appointment; a requirement for all patients and their whānau, and visitors to answer prior to entering our Healthcare Facilities.

Throughout the recent COVID outbreak, the Manukau Super Clinic had been using an additional staging area onsite to triage each patient for COVID risk, as soon they arrived for their appointment. This additional step was causing delays for patients attending their appointments.

Given the urgency as COVID spread, Cemplicity worked closely with the Manukau Health Park team, the Healthy Together Technology team and Health Alliance to get the solution in place quickly.

“The Cemplicity solution provides an option for most patients to complete their COVID risk assessment online prior to the appointment itself. This process offers more transparency to patients, saves time and streamlines the clinic visits.” – C. Hill, Programme Manager, Manukau Health Park

“With the Cemplicity solution, we will be able to remove this additional triage process we have on-site and get back to normal which will be great for both patients, and staff. ” – M. Davies, Operations Manager, Manukau Health Park

About Counties Manukau Health
Counties Manukau Health is a public hospital based in Auckland, New Zealand, governed by Counties Manukau District Health Board.

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