We are all trying to support healthcare workers through this emergency, if only by staying home and avoiding contact with others.

Working with our clients Cemplicity has also developed a free, easy to use monitor to capture feedback from staff on their stress levels, ability to cope and, as an option, preparedness to care for Covid-19 patients safely.

The survey is short and leverages research conducted after the SARS outbreak in 2003, which identified traumatic stress among frontline healthcare workers and contributing factors.

The early days of the SARS outbreak carried much uncertainty about how the disease was transmitted leading to many frontline healthcare feeling stressed, isolated, over scrutinised and vulnerable. Staying at home and avoiding social contact aims to ease the physical demands they are facing. Our monitor is designed to help healthcare organisations monitor and ease the psychological strain.

About Cemplicity
Cemplicity is a Patient-Reported Measures company, delivering PREMs, PROMs and staff engagement surveys to clients across six countries. Our focus is on solutions that centre health systems around people.

We work out of offices in London and Auckland, New Zealand.

For further information please contact us.

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