Clarity are a Consultancy unlike any other. They deliver strategic and financially sustainable improvements at every service tier, from frontline to boardroom. They support organisations in the private and public sectors to create and embed innovation, unlock flow and create digital, cultural and process infrastructure that enables individuals and systems to perform at their full potential.

Clarity have recently partnered with us to create the “Clarity, powered by Cemplicity” product. This product will enable us to work together to deliver robust, evidence based, transformational change programmes throughout the UK health and care sectors. It will complement the existing range of services that Clarity offer their clients in both the public and private sectors to improve health and care outcomes.

How Clarity and Cemplicity will work together

Clarity have a large pool of associates with extensive experience within both the NHS and private sector. This network of associates will allow Clarity to implement robust patient reported measure programmes across a broad range of health and care settings. We look forward to developing the “Clarity, powered by Cemplicity” product to enable as many clients as possible the opportunity to gather and use actionable patient and service user feedback to make meaningful change.

“It is exciting for us to partner with Cemplicity who bring both a world class technology and values aligned to ours.  I am looking forward to the ability of this partnership to harness the voice of every patient and service user to drive meaningful changes in outcomes and experience – Liane Langdon, Associate Director, Clarity Consulting Associates Ltd”