Nexus partners with Cemplicity to digitally transform their patient experiences programme

Nexus is a specialised operator of day only and short stay private hospitals with 15 world-class facilities located across Australia. Their vision is to influence positive change in the private healthcare system, measuring their success through better patient outcomes and improved patient experiences. Nexus have partnered with Cemplicity to enhance the way they capture and manage patient experiences across all Nexus Hospitals. Cemplicity enables Nexus to have a real-time view of patient experiences across their entire organisation, increasing their visibility on all levels so they can continuously improve their services and exceed their patients expectations. “Nexus is delighted to be [...]

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Virtue Integrated Elder Care partners with Cemplicity

Virtue is one of the most fascinating companies Cemplicity has recently started working with. Based in Dublin, Ireland, they currently manage four care homes for the elderly, but it’s their strategic direction that we find exciting and that we are keen to support. Virtue recognises that most people like to stay in their own homes for as long as possible and that there is a need for a continuum of care to support older people. For Virtue, this means providing capacity in the community as well as the option of residential supports. Their integrated care model is an all inclusive [...]

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Bringing Patient Symptoms and Clinical Decision Support Alive at Waikato DHB

In 2020, more than 350 people will be diagnosed with advanced breast cancer (ABC) in New Zealand. A recent study published by Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ) examined the quality of life and survival rates of ABC patients in New Zealand against other countries and we didn’t compare well…patients pushed to the back of the queue, uneven treatment across the country, and poor symptom management were just some of the findings. All resulting in a symptom burden that has a significant impact on quality of life, and shorter life spans for ABC patients.Studies show that advanced cancer patients under-report symptoms [...]

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MercyAscot partners with Cemplicity

MercyAscot is one of New Zealand’s largest private surgical facilities, with 22 operating theatres, a high dependency unit and an intensive care unit. Located in Auckland they operate across three sites; Mercy Hospital Epsom, Ascot Hospital Remuera and Endoscopy service based in Epsom and Takapuna, North Shore. MercyAscot have partnered with Cemplicity to digitally transform their patient experience programme. The portal gives MercyAscot the ability to have real-time view of the patients’ voice, allowing for more time and effort to be focused on accessing insights and driving improvement. In partnership with other acute providers across the country, MercyAscot will also [...]

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The Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association partners with Cemplicity to measure consumer experience with orthotic/prosthetic services

The Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA) is the national self-regulatory body representing orthotist/prosthetists in Australia. With almost 700 members including more than 400 certified practitioners who are employed throughout the public and private sectors, AOPA certified practitioners represent nearly 90% of all orthotist/prosthetists practicing in Australia. AOPA’s mission is to promote the training, education, and professional status of orthotist and prosthetists throughout Australia. One of AOPA’s strategic principles is to promote continuous improvement in quality and transparency of services for users of orthoses and prostheses. This vision led AOPA to design the Consumer Experience Program (CEP) – a national consumer [...]

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COVID-19 Staff Wellbeing

We are all trying to support healthcare workers through this emergency, if only by staying home and avoiding contact with others. Working with our clients Cemplicity has also developed a free, easy to use monitor to capture feedback from staff on their stress levels, ability to cope and, as an option, preparedness to care for Covid-19 patients safely. The survey is short and leverages research conducted after the SARS outbreak in 2003, which identified traumatic stress among frontline healthcare workers and contributing factors. The early days of the SARS outbreak carried much uncertainty about how the disease was transmitted [...]

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Welcome to Cemplicity, TBI Health

TBI Health has clinics located throughout New Zealand and is one of the country’s largest New Zealand owned integrated health providers. TBI Health offer a comprehensive range of injury management and rehabilitation services – tailored for each client. TBI Health is focussed on providing their customers with the best experience of care they can offer. In conjunction with the start of two new services, TBI Health has partnered with Cemplicity to drive continuous improvement in those experiences. Cemplicity's leading technology platform captures the feedback automatically, then delivers actionable insight via online reporting. A key component of the programme is the [...]

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Welcome to Cemplicity, Active+

Active+ has more than 500 clinicians and over 20 physiotherapy and wellness clinics delivering a range of services including everything from physiotherapy services to multi-disciplinary pain management to New Zealanders every day in their workplaces, in their homes, and from our practices, throughout New Zealand. Active+ and Cemplicity are working together to employ a systematic approach to collecting feedback that delivers meaningful, actionable insight to those in a position to make change. Beyond driving improvement, the programme will also meet the reporting needs of funders of care, particularly ACC. The programme will be rolled out nationwide to all clients and [...]

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Welcome to Cemplicity, Clarity a New Partner

Clarity are a Consultancy unlike any other. They deliver strategic and financially sustainable improvements at every service tier, from frontline to boardroom. They support organisations in the private and public sectors to create and embed innovation, unlock flow and create digital, cultural and process infrastructure that enables individuals and systems to perform at their full potential. Clarity have recently partnered with us to create the “Clarity, powered by Cemplicity” product. This product will enable us to work together to deliver robust, evidence based, transformational change programmes throughout the UK health and care sectors. It will complement the existing range of services [...]

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Welcome to Cemplicity, Mercy Radiology

Embedding their goal to be consumer-centric, Mercy Radiology have partnered with Cemplicity to capture the experience of patients who undergo a diagnostic scan at any Mercy facility in real time. Using questions developed by our partner, Point Research, patients will be asked what mattered most to them, how their experience was in relation to these areas and what Mercy did well or where they could improve in these areas. Survey responses from patients will remain anonymous unless a patient chooses to identify themselves when asked if they would like to be contacted by Mercy Radiology to discuss their feeback. Feedback [...]

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Welcome to Cemplicity, InHealth

InHealth is the UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions. The NHS is one of their largest referrers who they work with to provide medical tests, scans and examinations quickly and to the highest standards of care. They offer Diagnostic Centres, Community Health Clinics and relocatable units which can act as an extension of hospitals. Integration with the NHS, CCGs and GPs is important for their success to allow systems to work together providing an overall improved service for the patients needing these services. With over 300 locations in the UK InHealth sees over 2 million patients annually [...]

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Welcome to Cemplicity, North Western Melbourne PHN

In Australia, Primary Health Networks have been established to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services for patients within their region.  They focus on patients who are higher at risk and work towards providing them the treatment they need when they need it. North Western Melbourne PHN has identified eight priority areas of activity, one of these is mental health which is the area we are working with them on to improve their services. Cemplicity are working with KPMG and North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network to survey patients receiving Primary Mental Health Services.  These services are a combination [...]

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