Cemplicity can formally announce the extension of work across NHS Sussex Community Musculoskeletal (MSK) services.

The initial 12–month pilot with NHS Sussex has successfully gathered a consistent and valued dataset for multiple community providers across Sussex, providing an objective measure for the quality and impact of MSK services on patient outcomes across the System.

A pivotal development of the pilot is introducing a strong equity lens to the Sussex approach, further supporting the four main statutory purposes of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) in the UK. These purposes are highlighted in the recently published Hewitt Review.

Cemplicity will work closely with providers, and Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) experts to develop a risk stratification step for patients at the point of referral to Sussex MSK community services. A combined survey and bespoke algorithm process will allow clinical teams to identify patients at high risk of health inequality and poor outcomes prior to their first appointment.

Developing this stratification step enables NHS Sussex to proactively test different patient pathways and measure their impact in real-time. The aim is to ensure patients receive personalised care, ensuring those at greatest risk of poor outcomes are provided timely and targeted care to meet their needs.

Mathew Carr, Programme Lead and NHS Sussex Clinical Director, shares,

“Addressing health inequalities and ensuring healthcare services deliver meaningful improvements for local communities are quite rightly important NHS priorities. The extension of this digital programme will ensure the high volumes of patients accessing community MSK services across Sussex not only receive the care that is right for them, but will allow clinical teams to really understand and evidence the value they are adding to our local populations.”

Blaik Wilson, Chief Executive Officer Cemplicity, shares,

“The NHS Sussex programme is of great interest to Cemplicity as we work on our wider equity strategy and develop tools to address this critical issue in all countries. We look forward to sharing findings with our clients as the programme progresses.”

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