In early 2021, Cemplicity split up the existing Customer Success function into two components – Customer Success and Account Management.

At the time, I recall being conscious that “Customer Success” can feel a bit like ‘corporate speak’. It seemed like the type of change a large global corporate would implement to save a few dollars. I can imagine the boardroom scene at Global Conglomerate now…

Conglomerate CEO asks “How can we save money on support?”
Aspiring Conglomerate CEO replies “Easy, rebrand the division as Customer Success and cut staff!”

Rest assured, this was NOT the objective here at Cemplicity. Rather, it was in response to our client’s needs – and particularly, to answer questions like:

  • “How do your other clients do it?”
  • “How do we compare?”
  • “How can we get better?”

As a specialist in SaaS platform for patient-reported measures, all of our clients operate on the same platform. This gives us an opportunity to offer our clients a view into ‘best practice’. We wanted a devoted set of resources within our business that could focus on the bigger picture goals of our client base and help design programmes that can become a driver for improvement.

Before the split, our Customer Success team was wrapped up in the day to day needs of our clients. We found they were not given the opportunity and time to examine the broader trends and lessons across our client community. This change freed up the Customer Success specialists to focus on best practices and better understand what makes a great patient-reported measures programme.

At the same time, by creating an explicit Account Management function, we have aligned the skills of our team better to the client base they are serving. Account Managers have the opportunity to closely understand the needs of their assigned clients, and apply their project management skills and technical knowledge to enable faster, easier deployments of new programmes.

Over the last 12 months, it’s been fantastic to watch how a devoted Customer Success function, focussed purely on what makes a great patient-reported measures programme, can flourish. This year, you will see more of the fruits of this work and in particular, the sharing of our Impact Model.

This work is limited to our client community, so please reach out if you are keen to learn more about how health providers around the world are driving improvement in patient experiences and outcomes.

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