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There can be no health system without dedicated carers. We must enable our doctors, nurses and carers to find joy and meaning in their work. “Caring for them so they can fulfil their calling of providing outstanding professional care for patients” (West and Dawson).

A workforce under pressure

Healthcare workers are reporting unprecedented levels of disengagement, stress, pressure and physical danger, which brings the matter of staff engagement sharply into focus.

Across all industry sectors, the physical and mental wellbeing of employees are leading indicators that predict desirable organisational outcomes such as effectiveness, productivity, adaptability and innovation. They can also predict undesirable outcomes such as absenteeism and staff turnover. And in healthcare, employee engagement has further crucial impacts on patient safety, the quality of patient experience and health outcomes.

Cemplicity’s approach optimises participation from your staff and delivers timely insights that are easy to address and act on. At a time when our healthcare workforce is under growing pressure, our programmes enable organisations improve utilisation of current resources, skills and expertise. We help strengthen the link between exceptional staff engagement and great patient outcomes.

How & Why

How and why do healthcare leaders around the world measure staff engagement? Read our overview to find out more.

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Business Case

The business case. Read more about your potential return on investment in improving staff engagement.

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Programme Design

You’ve made the decision, now how do you design your programme for maximum

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“Using the Cemplicity platform we’re able to respond immediately. It allows us to collect quantitative data, but also gather patient stories which allow us to improve our service in a very timely way.”

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“This is giving clinicians a chance to embrace the positive feedback, and identify areas where they could improve.”

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Southern Cross

“The ability to have it on your phone or have it on your PC and take the responses right then and there has helped with the promotion of the response rate

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Mercy Ascot

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