Working on the front-line means that you’re dealing with patients every day. Use our tools to concentrate your actions and improve your service for all.


Traditionally health services have been improved through a top down approach.  From the board, down through the executive teams, strategy is developed with execution taking place at the staff level.  This way of thinking is often quite removed from the people who are experiencing the service – your patients.

With person centred care we start by giving every patient the opportunity to comment on their experience.  We then provide a portal for authorised staff to see this feedback flowing, in real time, allowing a light to be shone on exactly what your patients are thinking.  It is easy to use, intuitive and quick to gauge how your team is executing and where improvements can be made.  Powerful comparison tools are available to help understand where the areas of strength and weakness lie.

Numbers are one aspect, but patient stories are often where the real gold lies – nuggets of the good, the bad and the in between will bubble to the surface.  Themes are easy to spot and staff will often have tangible and very simple solutions that can make things better for all patients.

Across our worldwide programmes, about 80% of the stories tend towards the positive.  Staff can easily use this feedback for team building and accentuating the positive – something often lost in the world of healthcare.  Of course when the experiences are not so good, our tools provide ways to action change, see themes and identify areas to improve.

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