Real-time Long COVID
Symptom Tracking
is here.

Using C19-YRS, EuroQol’s EQ-5D and leading patient experience indicators, to manage, monitor and support patients on their Long COVID rehabilitation journey.

  • Track patient symptoms remotely and in real-time, ensuring every voice can be heard and all symptoms are recorded in a robust, reliable, and systematic way.
  • Enable timely clinician access to individual patient symptoms and promote responsive interventions for patients with the greatest clinical need.
  • Create a clinical catalogue of symptoms and experiences to inform evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation pathways, today and for the future.
  • Build a picture of patient cohorts presenting with Long COVID symptoms, driving objectivity in equity of care.
  • Free-up clinical resources by reducing the administrative burden of paper-based surveying.

Rich in features

Stringent data security measures. Cemplicity is an accredited NHS PROMs provider

Combining the NICE and NHS endorsed C19-YRS, with EQ-5D and patient experience measures

Unparalleled response rates and high engagement with less health literate patient cohorts

Actionable clinical alerts as symptoms change or worsen

Turnkey implementation with low set up cost

Clear visibility of what matters most to patients, analysed with real-time theme and sentiment tools

Real-time, anonymised, aggregated reporting for research into rehabilitation effectiveness

Triaging patients to enable self-care when appropriate and fast clinical intervention when needed

Why Cemplicity?

Cemplicity is the world expert in patient-reported measures, fielding over 85 different survey tools in PROMs, PREMs and symptom tracking for clients ranging from regulators and governments to acute hospitals, physiotherapy clinics, mental health services, community care and elderly care. We are one of six accredited PROMs providers to the NHS.

We believe four things lead to a successful patient-reported measures programme, and you can expect active support across these areas when you partner with us.

  1. Broad patient participation and high response rates.
  2. Active staff engagement, with use of patient feedback in clinical decision-making.
  3. Effective programme leadership, to ensure the most cost effective and high impact outcomes.
  4. Excellent programme design including asking the right questions, to ensure we improve outcomes rather than simply measure them.

Contact us to find out how cost effectively we can get your Long COVID patient symptom tracker up and running to deliver the NHS Long COVID plan.

Best Practice

How Cemplicity’s approach enables you to deliver the NHS Long COVID plan.

Trusted by healthcare providers worldwide

Trusted by healthcare providers worldwide

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