Virtue is one of the most fascinating companies Cemplicity has recently started working with.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, they currently manage four care homes for the elderly, but it’s their strategic direction that we find exciting and that we are keen to support.

Virtue recognises that most people like to stay in their own homes for as long as possible and that there is a need for a continuum of care to support older people. For Virtue, this means providing capacity in the community as well as the option of residential supports. Their integrated care model is an all inclusive approach consisting of nurse led home care, a GP led multi-disciplinary team and a Wellness centre. This comprehensive program is tailored and responsive to older people’s needs, aiming to keep them in their own home as long as possible but responding to their changing needs to reduce the likelihood of readmissions to hospital and early admission to a care home. Importantly, it isn’t one or the other; this model of care allows people to move along a continuum of care, responding to their needs and preferences at any given time.

Virtue have a very evident people-first culture in all aspects of their organisation and we’ve seen this reflected in their work with us to date, to design the experience programmes for their clients and families, and engagement programme for staff.

The client experience programme will capture real-time feedback from clients and their families at key points across their integrated care journey, allowing Virtue to continuously improve and refine their new care model.

The staff engagement programme focuses on staff wellbeing, retention, and training, recognising the strong link between client experience of care and the engagement of staff. As Cemplicity finds across all its clients and as evidence supports, any client or customer who reports an excellent experience of service can invariably point to a positive interaction with a staff member. Staff engagement is even more important in an elderly care setting, due to the challenges of recruiting and retaining staff.

“Working with Cemplicity has allowed us to engage in a process which will provide objective information on the service experience of our residents, families, and staff. The information gathered will facilitate the organisation to ensure strategic objectives and investment are targeted towards what is identified as important to the people using our services.” – Paula O’Reilly, CEO Virtue Group

“We’re really looking forward to a long and close relationship with Virtue. Their strategy solves a lot of the problems in the traditional elderly care model that we see across all the countries we work in. It’s going to be rewarding to contribute to their success as well as to learn about what works and the impact on elderly people and their families.” – Mary Vance, CEO Cemplicity

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