The Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association (AOPA) is the national self-regulatory body representing orthotist/prosthetists in Australia. With almost 700 members including more than 400 certified practitioners who are employed throughout the public and private sectors, AOPA certified practitioners represent nearly 90% of all orthotist/prosthetists practicing in Australia.

AOPA’s mission is to promote the training, education, and professional status of orthotist and prosthetists throughout Australia. One of AOPA’s strategic principles is to promote continuous improvement in quality and transparency of services for users of orthoses and prostheses.

This vision led AOPA to design the Consumer Experience Programme (CEP) – a national consumer feedback programme tailored to consumers of orthotic and prosthetic services. The goal of the programme is to drive and enable ongoing improvement to the quality of orthotic/prosthetic services, promoting transparency to consumers of these services, and thereby improve the standards of orthotic/prosthetic care throughout Australia.

“The AOPA Consumer Experience Programme is an innovative, nation-wide approach to supporting quality improvement in orthotic and prosthetic services in Australia. This programme will substantially improve the services received by the users of orthoses and prostheses. We are very excited to provide a tool that will assist orthotic and prosthetic service providers and users alike”. – Leigh Clarke, CEO, Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association

The Consumer Experience Programme will be a subscription available to orthotic and/or prosthetic service providers in Australia. The programme will digitally administer a service-related survey and will report results in real-time. Providers will have access to an online reporting portal, tailored to their needs, with alerts for specific actions to drive quality improvement initiatives.

“The AOPA Consumer Experience Programme is unique in that it brings service-provider level satisfaction results to a national level. This enables AOPA to establish an understanding of the satisfaction levels of orthotic and prosthetic service users nationally, which helps us to identify and address one of our three strategic pillars – Community Need. AOPA is pleased to partner with Cemplicity as the provider of the unique tools and online portal which enables us to deliver this innovative, national programme”. – Paul Sprague, Chairman of the Board, Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association

For the programme to be successful, AOPA recognised that collaboration with a team of experts was essential. Experts who not only had extensive experience in the healthcare industry but who also understood the goals unique to the Consumer Experience Programme.

As a result, AOPA have partnered with Cemplicity, a specialised patient reporting software company who are world leaders improving patient experience and outcomes through its real-time patient reporting software. With headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand, and offices in various locations across the globe, Cemplicity work with millions of healthcare consumers in over 3,000 healthcare providers.

“AOPA’s Consumer Experience Programme is a fantastic example of how a peak body can partner with technology for the benefit of service providers. Cemplicity is delighted to be part of this innovative programme, which allows our scalable platform to capture, analyse and benchmark orthotic and prosthetic experiences in real-time, across practices throughout Australia.” -Blaik Wilson, COO Cemplicity

The Cemplicity system is designed for healthcare organisations and providers who want to effectively realise the benefits of patient-reported experience and outcomes measures (PREMs and PROMs) that are run at scale. Creating direct consumer engagement that is easy to implement, user-friendly, and powerful for the end user. This secure platform steps across the mountains of data that exist in health systems, to provide a clear and timely view of system and service performance from the consumer’s experience.

Working collaboratively with Cemplicity, AOPA’s Consumer Experience Programme has been designed to promote best practice PREMs, concept, and benchmarking on an international level.

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