Big changes are afoot in how Australians give feedback on their experiences as patients of local health services, moving away from the traditional US based patient feedback approaches. Partly, this shift is driven by the availability of a new high quality, locally developed survey. It’s also a result of technology advances that are allowing providers to adopt a strong improvement methodology without sacrificing valuable benchmarking.

Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set

Led by the Australian Commission for Quality and Safety, a four year project involved Australians from every walk of life. The goal was to understand what matters most to Australians. Rather than assume questions developed for patient feedback in the US and UK matched Australian culture and needs. The result of this study was the short survey, Australian Hospital Patient Experience Set (AHPEQS) that is now approved and being rapidly adopted by hospitals and health services across the country, likely to replace the likes of HCAHPS, Press Ganey and Picker surveys.

Access to the question set, which focuses on proven important aspect of care for Australians, is free for healthcare providers – in marked contracts to the hefty license fees which have sometimes been charged in the past.

Looking for real improvement rather than just measurement?

Working with the question set, Cemplicity has addressed the common barriers to ensuring patient feedback has real impact. We allow providers to add questions to ensure what they ask patients reflects their own values, strategies and community needs. We ensure feedback is reported in real-time so that if anything goes awry, it is addressed before other patients are impacted. Insight is delivered straight to the teams who can take action and importantly, the administrative burden on staff is removed through our streamlined automated approach.

Cemplicity’s almost ‘plug and play’ solution allows hospitals to implement AHPEQs and other PREMs and PROMs surveys affordably and with confidence. It is a new world of opportunity for Australian health service providers to get real return on their investment in their patient experience programmes; happier patients, more engaged staff, better clinical outcomes and stronger financial performance.

Find out more about our AHPEQs solution here.

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