We Healthify, powered by Cemplicity, is delighted to announce the launch of their patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs) service in Saudi Arabia.

Under the leadership of two respected trauma and orthopaedic consultants, Dr. Raheel Shariff and Dr. Fahad Attar, We Healthify actively supports the Kingdom’s transition to Value Based Healthcare (VBH). Central to any value-based approach is capturing the voice of the patient and the patients’ views of their outcomes from treatment. We Healthify is uniquely placed to undertake this important task with their best-practice, efficient and scalable approach. 

As long-time users of PROMs in their clinical practice, Drs. Shariff and Attar have undertaken a global search to select Cemplicity as their PROMs platform for the region. Cemplicity’s credentials are unparalleled, and they are excited to support We Healthify’s work in the Kingdom. Cemplicity is an approved PROMs provider to the NHS, ISO 27-001 certified, works across 7 countries and captures feedback from millions of patients each year. 

Overall, We Healthify will ensures that each care provider’s unique needs are met, while delivering the Kingdom’s VBH vision. At the same time, their clinical experience and the comprehensive Cemplicty toolkit optimises effective shared decision-making between clinicians and patients as well as delivering valuable anonymised benchmarking for sector learning and improvement. 

“For many years I have used PROMs to highlight patients’ questions and concerns so I can tailor clinical decisions each person’s needs. With our new PROMs service, we’ll be embedding this shared decision-making approach and at the same time delivering robust, aggregated insights across care pathways to measure and improve the value of services.

It’s exciting that Cemplicity is joining me and my company on this journey to ensure our vision is achieved.”

Raheel Shariff
We Healthify

We Healthify

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with We Healthify. Over many years delivering PROMs across many countries, we know that strong clinical leadership is a critical element of a successful PROMs programme. With Raheel and Fahad’s experience and expertise using PROMs in their clinical practice, we believe our new service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will quickly become an exemplar of how PROMs can drive real clinical improvement and value.”

Blaik Wilson

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