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Partner with us to help transform healthcare for a changing world. Value based, patient centred, consumer focused, outcome driven – if this sounds like you as well, we’d make great partners.

We provide the platform, you make the change.

Many Cemplicity programmes are offered to clients in partnership with advisory and research experts.

Our platform tells you what is happening and helps drive continuous improvement from the front line back, while our partners take the insights and go further. So what? What next?  Working with clients, the partners mould strategy and resource allocation and support change to drive long term improvements in quality, outcomes and financial performance – led by the patient.

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We are always interested to talk to prospective partners about your skills in designing and advising on question sets, building stakeholder support and engagement, project management and governance, advanced analysis, strategic reporting and change management. All Cemplicity partners are highly trained on our system, contribute to our product road map and are experts in their field.

If you are currently working in quality improvement, health service transformation, integrated care systems or value-based funding initiatives and want to ensure patients are closely involved, get in touch.

While you focus on what you do best, we’ll focus on evolving our product and technology which is what we do best.

We spend over 60% of our revenue on R&D with a continuous pipeline of enhancements, designed with and for patient-centred thought leaders around the world.

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