Our partnership approach

Every Cemplicity programme is offered to clients in partnership with research and advisory specialists.

Cemplicity’s focus is designing and evolving our technology. When you choose us to deliver your patient experience and patient outcomes programmes you will get the best solution now and it will remain so throughout your relationship with us.

However, we know that technology is simply one part of the solution. The questions you ask of patients, building the involvement and support of your stakeholders, project management, advanced analysis and strategic reporting and change management are all important tasks for our certified partners. We pay close attention to our partner relationships and ensuring they are skilled at implementing the Cemplicity platform, ready to meet your needs.

How we partner


Cemplicity partners are skilled at presenting our tools, designing and implementing programmes and supporting client programmes on an ongoing basis.

Our team of enablement specialists work closely with partners to build their knowledge of the Cemplicity product and implementation processes. Earlier in our partnerships we are happy to take an active role in sales presentations, implementations and support as needed but we focus on transferring knowledge to our partners so they can work confidently with their own clients, while we focus on our product development.

With this support,  we find partners gain confidence selling and supporting our solution while we concentrate on bringing fresh ideas to the table and active second level support.

Cemplicity Lab

One of our important partner commitments is to participate in  our Cemplicity Lab. Through this participation, partner teams gain certifications in selling, designing and implementing Cemplicity programmes.

Cemplicity Lab attendees are immersed in our product, our culture and unique value proposition – all key aspects of ensuring our service has the impact on service quality that we are aiming for. They learn about our client stories, whats different about a Cemplicity programme and how it can be used to deliver real improvement in patient reported measures.

There is a strong focus on fun as well as learning and are career highlights for attendees!

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