Cemplicity is proud to be at the leading edge of an innovative change to the healthcare industry.

Did you know that in the NHS alone there are tens of millions of comments that have never been read? It’s confronting to think about all of that insightful, useful information which has been left sitting – simultaneously invaluable and impracticable.

Introducing VOICE.

Programmed to intelligently read and analyse patient feedback, VOICE delivers deep and instant insight into the things that matter most to patients. That’s right – VOICE reads your patient feedback and then highlights areas to focus your time, and drive improvement. No more scrolling through verbatim comments, no more trying to find the time to merely start this process. VOICE does this all for you in real time.

Patient feedback is not a new concept, but being able to act quickly in response to it is. The real-time functionality of VOICE is innovative. It offers immediate insight from all verbatim comments and the ability to act on the most commonly mentioned issues. It helps health services answer the simple question, “what do I do next to get better outcomes?” What’s more, it does it immediately, so that things can be addressed before they escalate or affect more patients.

Being presented with the opportunity to use the feedback of your current patients to positively affect the healthcare journeys for those who come after them is forward thinking at its best.

It’s bringing the patient voice to those who care, and that’s exactly what Cemplicity stands for.

To learn more about VOICE, its features and how to integrate it into your organisation today, get in touch with the team.