Who we are

We’re a group of passionate individuals dedicated to moving the world towards a patient centric health system that is self sustaining and inclusive.

Cemplicity was ‘invented’ in 2013 when the two founders committed to take their sophisticated customer experience, SaaS / cloud software into the world of health.  Since then they have never looked back.  Winning a number of national programs in the early years helped shape their international approach, always underpinned with their philosophy of putting the patient first and focusing on building software to drive improvement not just measurement.

Since 2012 we have expanded across New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom.  Our southern hemisphere operations and R&D is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and we have a strong presence in the northern hemisphere, headquartered in London.

If you want to talk to us about helping your patients help you, we’re here to listen!

What’s at our core


We always strive to do the very best work possible.


We act with transparency and honesty all the time. Especially when no one is watching.


Always think about how to simplify. Everything.


Never be afraid to challenge the status quo


All for one and one for all. We are far stronger together.


Life is short, let’s be inspired, laugh and thrive together.

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