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Bring a plate

Here in New Zealand we're about to move from spring into summer. People don't bother with their winter coats when they walk out the door to work and they're starting to think about abandoning their umbrellas. Which could be a mistake, especially in Auckland where there's always a chance of rain. Out in the suburbs people are getting ...

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International Forum on Safety and Quality in Healthcare

Cemplicity alongside our partner, KPMG Australia, are sponsoring the International Forum on Safety and Quality in Healthcare in early September and I am fortunate to be attending. This is the first time this highly regarded BMJ/IHI-run conference has made its way to Australia so it's little wonder that the conference has sold out. The primary themes of the ...

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Observations on an Ireland Healthcare Summit

Day 1 at the Future Health Summit. Always great to get out of the office and hear people from across the Irish health sector talk about what is going well and what isn’t. What I particularly enjoy about this conference is the inspiring speakers from other European countries. As several people emphasised, it isn’t about copying other health ...

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Lots in common in the Commonwealth – CHOGM

I’ve just spent a very interesting three days attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (abbreviated to CHOGM) here in London, bringing together heads of state and a wide variety of interest groups, discussing a range of topics. As the UK looks to re-establish ties beyond Europe with Brexit fast approaching, this CHOGM seemed to have special significance for ...

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Brief Reflections On The Year That Was

Last year saw tremendous changes at Cemplicity as we shot off around the globe in search of health services to transform. Ireland lodged itself deeply into our heart with our first international National programme, a period of work that necessitated us understanding a new health system while gaining real appreciation of Guinness as Joyce would have drunk it. ...

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A care experience that left me reflecting

Two things happened to me recently that typify the inspiration and frustrations that are the health sector. A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to sit for 4 quiet long days in the general surgery ward of one of our public hospitals, supporting my ill mother. It was a rare chance to spend 11 hours each day ...

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