Remote Symptom

Cemplicity Track delivers timely patient insight
to healthcare teams with symptom and side-effect
monitoring powered by real-time patient feedback

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Hear every single patient voice


Gather real time symptom and side-effect feedback from your patients, wherever they are.


Use our powerful dashboards to analyse patient progress and be alerted to the need for intervention.


Deliver patient-informed care at the point at which it’s needed and gain insight into  the full care journey.

Best Practice

Drive Impact from Patient Experiences and Outcomes

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Cemplicity Track enables every single patient to be heard throughout their care journey, bringing real time insight to their care teams and improving outcomes for all.

  • Never again lose contact with your patient’s care journey
  • Gather insightful and relevant patient feedback wherever they are
  • Save time, effort and money by preventing unnecessary in-person consultations
  • Receive alerts as soon as symptoms worsen beyond agreed absolute or relative thresholds
  • Provide the best, most timely care possible

Rich in features

Effect Tracking

Clinical Data

Home on In-Clinic

Advanced Threshold

Patient Activation

Patient Level

Linking Clinical & Patient
Reported Data


“This is giving clinicians a chance to embrace the positive feedback, and identify areas where they could improve.”

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Southern Cross

“Using the Cemplicity platform we’re able to respond immediately. It allows us to collect quantitative data, but also gather patient stories which allow us to improve our service in a very timely way.”

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“The ability to have it on your phone or have it on your PC and take the responses right then and there has helped with the promotion of the response rate

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Mercy Ascot

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