One of the most important features of the Cemplicity service is the online, light to touch, real time reporting.

The goal of Cemplicity reporting is to provide quick and timely insight to health care teams, without any need for training. Access is ‘role-based’, ensuring that teams see the feedback that is appropriate for their service and responsibilities.

We encourage users to take action to improve – we want our programmes to be about improvement, not just measurement.

Longitudinal Trends

Example of a AHPEQS rating question chart

These reports are designed to show how your ratings are changing over time and to enable comparisons against different wards, regions or services within an organisation or by key patient demographics. Among other ways, ratings can be presented as league tables or bubble charts – trying to bring immediate insight into performance outliers.

Patient Stories

Example of a AHPEQS survey comment report

These reports show you the examples and stories patients have provided to support their ratings. They provide invaluable insight into patient experiences and health states.

Actions and Improvement

Example of a Action Register for AHPEQS Survey

Where a patient has asked you to contact them, their contact details and survey response will drop into your Action Register. From there you can easily manage and direct these contact requests through to resolution. We can also assign items into the Action Register from low or high rating. Email alerts are often used in conjunction with the Action Register.


Example of a AHPEQS Dashboard

Across all our reports you can break down reports according to your own organisation structure (given that you provide the appropriate data during integration)


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Patient Surveys

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