Cemplicity’s goal is to transform health services so they achieve better outcomes for patients, providers and funders.



Targeting all patients with evidence-based questions
Digital-first, Multi-mode
(email, sms, paper, tablet)
Automated, with minimal staff involvement

Dashboard View


Real-time analysis and reporting
System wide role-based access
No training.

Take Action


Built in escalation
Focus on patient stories
Continuous improvement

Transforming health services

Patient Statistics

Our product has a simple mandate.  We want to enable every single patient to give feedback on their experiences and health outcomes, then bring that insight, in real-time, to our clients so they act to improve.

We make listening simple and fully automated.  We take a very small integration point with your patient management system (often set up very quickly) and pipe contextual data and invitation information through to our systems based on your privacy and program rules.  We then invite your patients to have their say.  Providing this opinion can be done in many ways – via web, on mobile or in situ on tablets.  For some national programs we even have a paper process.  Once the system is set up, it works in the background, providing a continous stream of rich, real time information from your patient’s perspective.

Once the information starts flowing, we provide intuitive roll up analytics.  Whether you are the Minister of Health wanting to see experience across your entire population or a nurse on a ward in a particular hospital, your views will be tailored to your environment.  KPIs, longitudinal trending, benchmarking, clinician views or patient stories.  We’ll make it easy for you to understand what your patients are thinking.

Our product has in built algorithms that allow you to isolate rules for follow up actions.  This could be poor performance in certain areas or specific patient requested actions.  Our action register allows you to respond to your patients, assign actions and improve in real time.


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