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Cemplicity works with many different patient surveys, ranging from some of most widely used, well-validated surveys like EuroQol’s EQ-5D to bespoke surveys designed to meet the needs of a very specific population.

The starting point for all programmes is to understand your purpose. Once this is clear we usually advise reviewing existing surveys so that you can be confident it will solicit the insight you need, that it focuses on proven drivers of patient experience or solicits feedback on the outcomes that are important. By using widely used surveys you also enable future bench marking with peers using the same survey. Irrespective of the survey choice, we’ll also suggest a few tips to ensure high response rates and to ensure results drive improvement as well as robust measurement.

We field many surveys and with leading organisations such as Picker Institute Europe, EuroQol, Oxford University and Point Research and can help you reach the right people to arrange survey access.

When the purpose of your program cannot be achieved by using an existing tool, our expert partners can advise you on the process to develop a robust set of questions for your specific purpose and population.

Patient Surveys

Some Example Question Sets

Inpatients and Outpatients

We have regularly used Picker tools across these acute settings.  Get in touch with us and we can recommend an appropriate instrument for your region and requirement.


EQ-5D is a standardized instrument developed by the EuroQol Group as a measure of health-related quality of life that can be used in a wide range of health conditions and treatments.


Australia’s nationally approved questions for consistent measurement of patients’ experiences in hospitals and day procedure services.

Oxford Hip Score

The Oxford Hip Score is a short 12-item patient-reported PROM specifically designed and developed to assess function and pain with patients undergoing hip replacement surgery.

Mental Health

The Your Experience of Service (YES) Questionnaire is offered to consumers of Mental Health Services to gather information about their experiences of care.

Prostate Cancer

The FACT-P questionnaire is a relevant, worldwide tool used for assessing the health-related quality of life in men with prostate cancer.  We sometimes use this PROMS in conjunction with the Hunter New England Brief Pain Inventory.


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