Patient Reported Outcome Measures


We need to invest in measures that will help us assess whether our health systems deliver what matters most to people. And, of course, the only way to do this is to ask patients themselves. (OECD Health Ministerial Statement, Paris, 2017)

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The new world of PROMs

Most people support that a person’s view of their own health state is important. Over the past ten years there have been many attempts to implement at-scale PROMs programmes for comparative benchmarking. Well validated surveys now exist for most health settings and care pathways.

What has been missing is the proof that collecting PROMs leads to better outcomes for patients. This lack of proof and the challenges of systematically and reliably gathering feedback, particularly prior to treatment, has defeated many. Cemplicity’s experience implementing PROMs at scale across countries, our aim of reaching all patients with a highly automated approach and our small additions to validated survey tools all heralds in a new era of PROMs. An era of wide participation and engagement where the patients’ views directly impact decision making and health service improvement.

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“This is giving clinicians a chance to embrace the positive feedback, and identify areas where they could improve.”


PROMs, the Cemplicity way

Cemplicity is committed to ensuring our PROMs approach makes a difference to patients, is useful for clinicians and that we provide clear insight to system managers, funders and policy makers. Our starting point is to prioritise real-time, digital collection methods. Why is this important?

  • We reach many more patients in a timely way
  • PROMs at-scale is affordable
  • Staff can use and act on the feedback with each patient during their care journey
  • The burden on staff to collect feedback is minimised
  • Results across health systems can be shared widely and appropriately with people that need to know.

For many clients the biggest barrier is reaching the patient to get their feedback, particularly prior to treatment or years later. We can solve these problems.

Cemplicity not only have the best outcome measures software in the world, we are challenging historical approaches to ensure we take what works well and remove the barriers. You’ll be excited by what we’ve come up with, Please get in touch.

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