Real-time PROMs that

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Meet NHS and PHIN requirements simply, efficiently and at the same time, make a real contribution to clinical decision making and improved patient outcomes.

Why Cemplicity?

Cemplicity is a specialist Patient-Reported Measures company. Our digital-first, real-time programmes are integrated into patient pathways with minimal impact on staff and achieving high patient participation. Over 60% of our revenue is invested in R&D and because we are dedicated to the healthcare sector, experts from over eight countries have helped design the PROMs platform we offer you.

Thanks to these experts and our clever designers and engineers, our real-time platform scales across all your PROMs and PREMs programmes providing one secure, central place for all your patient feedback. You can now efficiently run different PROMs across each of your major clinical services with seamless reporting to NHS Digital, PHIN and all your internal stakeholders.

Crucially, we can make patient responses available to care teams in time for patient consultations and clinical decision-making. It’s this ability to simultaneously meet mandatory reporting requirements and the needs of patients and their clinicians that is the pillar of Cemplicity’s approach.

Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures with Impact

A best-practice PROMs approach will not just meet regulatory requirements but will have a demonstrable impact on patient outcomes. This can only be achieved when all stakeholder needs are met and when your programme is systematically embedded in your organisation’s activities.

When we work with clients to design and implement a best-practice PROMs programme, our approach ensures that the conditions for success are in place. This includes wide patient participation, high care team engagement and each programme becoming a streamlined, integrated part of quality and management systems, with minimal administrative work by staff.

When you choose Cemplicity, you will be getting access to the best real-time PROMs platform in the world and specialist advice to design and implement a high impact programme.

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“Using the Cemplicity platform we’re able to respond immediately. It allows us to collect quantitative data, but also gather patient stories which allow us to improve our service in a very timely way.”

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“This is giving clinicians a chance to embrace the positive feedback, and identify areas where they could improve.”

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Southern Cross

“The ability to have it on your phone or have it on your PC and take the responses right then and there has helped with the promotion of the response rate

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Mercy Ascot

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