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Cemplicity Insight Services forge the link between patient feedback and exceptional organisation performance. We help set your direction, focus resources on what makes the greatest difference to patients and take your operational efficiency and performance to the next level.

Insight Services

Insight Services are designed to enhance strategic planning and transform clients into high performing organisations. The goal is to reap the benefits proven to belong to organisations delivering exceptional consumer experiences.
The first step is to learn what matters most to your patients and how you are performing in these areas. This insight is specific to you, with your patients, culture, strengths and challenges. It is like taking a blunt knife and honing it. We do this in our Foundation Study.

The second step is to create a cadence of quarterly deep-dive reports to drive improvement in specific and important parts of your patient-facing service. This attractive quarterly reporting is designed to be shared widely across the company, with both patients and staff.

Trusted by healthcare providers worldwide

Trusted by healthcare providers worldwide

Return on Investment

Cemplicity Insight Services strengthen the connection between excellent customer or patient experiences and excellent organisational performance. You will be able to set your direction with confidence, knowing that the things you focus on will have the greatest impact on your patients’ or consumers’ experiences and therefore drive stronger loyalty behaviours. The evidence is strong: Organisations who deliver better consumer experiences grow faster and are more efficient and profitable than others.

How the Service Works

Cemplicity will offer you Insight Services once your patient feedback database is large enough to allow robust statistical analysis. Usually this is after a year of data collection.

We start with the Foundation Study to highlight strengths and opportunities for improvement. Then, in collaboration with client leadership teams, we select the priority focus area for the first and subsequent Quarterly Insight Reports (QIR). The audiences for QIR include wider hospital staff and patients. This is a visual, attractive document that can be printed and shared widely on your website and in patient waiting rooms

Closing the Loop

One of the most important audiences for QIR are patients themselves.

A step commonly missed in research is to let respondents know that their participation in a survey made a difference. This can be an important step in optimising participation and response rates. It’s also a brand reputation enhancer, demonstrating that you are a listening organisation and that feedback leads to real change.


“Using the Cemplicity platform we’re able to respond immediately. It allows us to collect quantitative data, but also gather patient stories which allow us to improve our service in a very timely way.”

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“This is giving clinicians a chance to embrace the positive feedback, and identify areas where they could improve.”

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Southern Cross

“The ability to have it on your phone or have it on your PC and take the responses right then and there has helped with the promotion of the response rate

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Mercy Ascot

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