Our approach

The Cemplicity team have worked together for many years, fielding 1000’s of surveys and finding ways to bring feedback into organisations so that people listen and take action. In 2013 we dedicated ourselves solely to the health sector – a decision influenced by our desire to ‘make a difference’ and by our admiration for all the people we meet working in the sector who share a compassion for people and communities. Starting with national programmes across the NZ secondary and primary healthcare sectors, we now work at scale in NZ, Australia and Ireland.

The New Zealand Story

Our unique starting point

Cemplicity are now actively working in a number of countries around the world and hugely value the new perspective this provides us.

We tell a NZ story here as believe it was a positive influence through our incubation and early stage. As we travel and meet policy makers in other countries we often end up discussing NZ health strategies and how these have set the stage for our service offering.


1.NZ is a small country and because of this we breed generalists rather than specialists. It’s a survival strategy but also enables NZ companies to envisage and implement ‘entire solutions’.  For Cemplicity, this means we have always looked at patient experience management as an end-to-end, integrated solution – from reaching patients to driving action on the ward. In larger countries we see a number of suppliers partnering to deliver what we do. Some focus on data capture, others on strategic analysis and reporting and still more on case management tools for use at service level. Our integration is key to the perceived simplicity of our solution.

2.The NZ health sector has enabled us to shine, to really show what we can do. As a technology vendor, this is nirvana. We talk about this often with policy makers around the world – how the alignment of policy has been a great enabler of patient outcome systems and measures ‘at-scale’. For example;

  • The distillation of sector key performance indicators into 7 ‘System Level Measures’, one of which is patient experience, has brought focus across the sector from Governments to hospitals and general practices. This has made it significantly easier for our Government programme managers to win stakeholder support for our work.
  • GP contracts for public funding include the requirement to enable patient experience capture. A very helpful factor in facilitating our national work across the primary care sector.
  • The NZ Health Quality and Safety Commission, a reasonably young organisation, are committed to quality improvement as a key organisation focus, rather than simply measurement or compliance. This changes the conversations throughout the sector and also the scope for Cemplicity.
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