Last year saw tremendous changes at Cemplicity as we shot off around the globe in search of health services to transform. Ireland lodged itself deeply into our heart with our first international National programme, a period of work that necessitated us understanding a new health system while gaining real appreciation of Guinness as Joyce would have drunk it. Vitamin B, after a project that triumphs with a 51% response rate, is quite necessary when you find yourself in the Emerald Isle. Delicious.

Blaik, thinking he’s drinking like James Joyce

There’ll be plenty more Irish stories to come this year – will be interesting to see who will draw the long straw at Cemplicity for adventures there in 2018!

In parallel, we’ve been spending so much time with our big brothers in the Western Isle (Australia) we’re in danger of naturalising and starting to pronounce our I’s strangely. Nevertheless, once a fush, always a fush. We’ve done some fabulous work over the year and our relationships and opportunities in 2018 are really exciting the team. There is work to be done and it’s revolutionary, just the way we like it!

With Enterprise SaaS in our DNA, we’re seeing seeds from a number of other territories germinating as well. What the next few years behold is limited solely by the imagination – the team spontaneously overflow with this attribute – however, we always focus, so we’re all looking forward to continuing on our product build in 2018 with telescopic sights that can ultimately transform health services on the moon.

Speaking of focus – the table tennis table has encountered furious competition throughout the year and the competition is fierce as we enter a new one (Some are questioning whether Cahill has spent the summer at a training camp and if having a second baby can really make your form that much worse Michael?)

Our table encourages a certain staunch frivolity as one walks the length of the room, muscles twitching, hands slightly sweating, into the competition zone. History would suggest that excellence is transitory and anyone can peak at any time. Certainly my peak is likely to be this year. I’m thinking of 2017 as more of an exposition. The top of the table this year must go to Lillian, despite form, she was the last in the office for 2017. It’s a competition, but not as we know it!

The year wrapped up with a party to celebrate Cemplicity’s latest movement abroad and a bon voyage to Mary to head up our Northern Hemisphere operations in London. Most companies would have a few drinks and a teary goodbye. We decided the best thing we could possibly do would be to hire the Back Bar (a music venue) and a large assemblage of instruments and get all our friends and families down to make sweet music – where possible – or general noise if not. Turns out between the children (actually mainly the children) there is a massive amount of talent. Amongst the adults there is sincerity, effort and a well-developed playlist. This is karaoke with skill ladies and gentlemen. We’re now endeavouring to setup the office to allow those who fancy a jam a place to butter the sandwich – though in December the grand piano unfortunately wouldn’t make it up the stairs.

So, 2018, sun streaming in the window, so many great opportunities ahead to continue the great work we’ve started. Bring it on!