We are constantly seeing changes in the world of healthcare and patient experience. Below are our top picks of articles highlighting major developments in our industry over the past month.

  1. We always love hearing about what our clients are doing and are excited to follow this journey with the New Zealand Artificial Limb Service to provide their patients with more prosthetic options.
    New Zealand research project explores new design directions for future 3D printed prosthetics

  2. The potential for technology to improve the healthcare industry seems limitless with Apple’s latest announcement to enable everyone to store personal health records on our smartphones.
    Apple Debuts Patient-Centered EHRs with Health Records App

  3. As patients gain more visibility of their health records they are going to need to be able to understand them. This article looks at improving the patient experience when accessing electronic health records using Natural Language Processing to translate medical terms to layman’s terms.
    Natural Language Processing May Boost Patient EHR Understanding

  4. A disruption in the healthcare industry seems to be on the horizon with the announcement that Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and Jamie Dimon are going to enter the insurance market.
    Jeff Bezos and his two friends just spooked health care stocks