We’re a group of passionate individuals dedicated to moving the world towards a patient centric health system that is self sustaining and inclusive.

Cemplicity was ‘invented’ in 2013 when the two founders committed to take their sophisticated customer experience, SaaS / cloud software into the world of health.  Since then they have never looked back.  Winning a number of national programs in the early years helped shape their international approach, always underpinned with their philosophy of putting the patient first and focusing on building software to drive improvement not just measurement.

Since 2012 we have expanded across New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom.  Our southern hemisphere operations and R&D is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and we have a strong presence in the northern hemisphere, headquartered in London.

If you want to talk to us about helping your patients help you, we’re here to listen!

Our Values


We always strive to do the very best work possible.


We act with transparency and honesty all the time. Especially when no one is watching.


Always think about how to simplify. Everything.


Never be afraid to challenge the status quo


All for one and one for all. We are far stronger together.


Life is short, let’s be inspired, laugh and thrive together.

What our clients say…

“Being able to breakdown data by ethnicity allows us to address equity issues. We noticed women mentioned a lack of food on the delivery suite, we now keep snacks on the ward.”

“Privacy at reception was a theme coming through in our qualitative data so we focussed on this, writing up what we did for patients to see.”

“Feedback improves practice, we can encourage staff to be aware of practices that may be ‘habits’ that are not necessarily in the best interest of the patient”

“We are working together to ensure that the system meets our ongoing needs, addresses the concerns of our managers and their responsibilities.”


Nick Macdonald
Nick Macdonaldco-CEO

MA Literature, BA (Hons)
Victoria University

Nick is the co founder and CEO of Cemplicity.  With an innate ability to communicate across industry, business, customer and product down to the deeply technical, his great joy is seeing the evolution of Cemplicity’s sophisticated, scalable, SaaS solution being applied to an industry where it really matters.

Mary Vance
Mary Vanceco-CEO

Otago University

Mary is the co-founder and CEO of Cemplicity.  Her input is highly sought after due to her extensive international experience in optimal PRM programme design for different types of organisations. Mary is based in the UK and our global lead for European and Northern hemisphere business.

Blaik Wilson
Blaik WilsonCOO

B.Com, C.A. Australia / NZ
Victoria University

Blaik has a rare blend of skills. It is uncommon to find a qualified CA who is passionate about solutions selling; understanding client needs then tailoring and delivering solutions to meet them. The CA training ensures a close eye for detail and exceptional project management.